Toward A High Reliability Organization

Predictable, Transparent Decision-Making For Modern Health Systems


A white paper by:

Mark Kestner, MD
Chief Medical Officer, TractManager

As part of TractManager’s ongoing commitment to innovative thinking in healthcare contracting, sourcing, and evidence-based research, this white paper is the latest in a series dedicated to addressing quality improvement initiatives in the U.S. health system.

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Toward A High Reliability Organization: Predictable, Transparent Decision-Making For Modern Health Systems


High Reliability Organizations (HROs) are organizations that successfully avoid catastrophe, despite a high level of operational risk and complexity, creating innovations in policy and process that become models for other organizations to emulate. Typically, even minor errors in these organizations can result in disastrous consequences and heavy cost to human life. Think nuclear power plants or air traffic control systems.

But the American healthcare system has a strange relationship with “progress.” While advances in scientific technology and patient care occur at lightning speed, investments in the infrastructure necessary to deliver that care safely, efficiently, and affordably seem mired in the last century.

According to the AARP Public Policy Institute, Medicare enrollment is expected to nearly double within the next ten years, to 79 million beneficiaries. This trend underscores an evolving power dynamic between private and government insurers: as private insurers wane, government ones will enjoy a larger say in how care is both delivered and reimbursed.