Measure It to Manage It

Beginning the Journey to Hospital Financial Wellness

A white paper by:

Trace Devanny
Chief Executive Officer, TractManager

Mark Kestner, MBA, MD
Chief Medical Officer, TractManager

As part of TractManager’s ongoing commitment to innovative thinking in healthcare contracting, sourcing, and evidence-based research, this white paper discusses ways to synthesize financial approaches to wellness with clinical perspectives.
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Measure It to Manage It: Beginning the Journey to Hospital Financial Wellness


While hospitals and health systems have gotten better at promoting healthy habits and preventive strategies for common threats to individual and population health, they have struggled to maintain their own financial wellbeing. This is worrisome because most health industry experts believe today’s trends pose significant threats to healthcare entities already wrestling with shrinking margins. The COVID-19 pandemic has further exacerbated these health and financial threats while adding new ones to the mix.

And, while threats can be overwhelming at times, they also offer genuine wellness opportunities for organizations prepared to embrace necessary change. In brief, that change involves opening access to the right data and deploying analytics that can shine light into pivotal corners of the organization that for too long have remained hidden. The ensuing insights can inform a strategic approach to change management that empowers health systems to dramatically improve their financial health even as they improve the care they deliver to patients.