Better Together

ERP and a Healthcare-Specific CLM Combine to Optimize Cost Control

A white paper by:

Barry Dyer, PMP
Senior Vice President of Consulting, TractManager

Agnostic contracting systems are designed to serve diverse industries, not healthcare. This puts your compliance program at risk.

Why an ERP Integration with a Healthcare-specific Contract Lifecycle Management Solution Matters.

Healthcare executives understand that intense margin pressures require greater operational efficiency and cost control than most have been able to exercise to date. A powerful ERP solution is the centerpiece of any response, but it can’t address healthcare’s unique business and regulatory challenges alone.

Here’s why.

The arcane challenges healthcare contracting poses require that you control your contracts if you are to have any hope of controlling your costs. Pairing an ERP solution with a healthcare-specific contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution links contractual and operational data to shine a comprehensive light on problem areas and potential fixes, empowering your organization to achieve tighter control over all your costs.

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Better Together: ERP and Healthcare CLM Combine to Optimize Cost Control