The Digital Transformation of Provider Enrollment

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COVID-19 accelerated the need for many healthcare organizations to quickly onboard new providers in order to meet the exploding demand and exponential growth in telehealth.

One large health system treated almost 85,000 COVID-19 patients between March and September 2020, onboarding 725 providers across 23 hospitals in a 6-month period. Time was not on its side, and without rapid changes to its provider onboarding process this health system would not be able to treat its patients with in-network providers.

COVID-19 forced healthcare organizations and health plans to take a giant leap into the virtual arena, where daily processes are completed digitally.

Digital Provider Enrollment is now vital.

Join Allyson Schiff, Senior Director of Strategy & Growth, to learn more about the state of provider enrollment and how to go digital by transforming your enrollment program.


  • Increase speed to revenue with digital enrollment.
  • Navigate COVID and telehealth demands with a single source of truth.
  • Build enrollment logic and health plan requirements into your processes.
  • Learn current regulations and government monitoring.
  • Transform ineffective and manual processes with compliant technology.

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The Digital Transformation of Provider Enrollment 


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