Supplier Solutions: Transparency As A Service

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TractManager is pleased to announce the expansion of its Transparency-as-a-Service offerings with the launch of the Quote Transparency Report, an analytics tool for suppliers and buyers that scores the completeness of information on capital quotes submitted to supply chain teams.

Several trends significantly impact the way purchasing decisions are made:

  • Consolidation of provider organizations and healthcare suppliers
  • Centralization of supply chain processes
  • The rapid rate of new technologies and products introduced to the market
  • A convergence of clinical, operational, and financial considerations in purchasing decisions that require multiple decision-makers in the buying process

These all influence the need to move toward broader transparency in the buying process.

Join us for this webinar. We’ll discuss the value of Transparency as a Service and walk through our new Quote Transparency Report, including 7 key quote components, report structure and data, and how suppliers can use the report.


Transparency As A Service


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