Open Payments Data: To Monitor Conflicts of Interest and Provider Total Compensation

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Examine Open Payments Data and Monitor Conflicts of Interest and Total Provider Compensation

Managing your organization’s business relationship with providers is complex, particularly as physicians become employees. Provider compensation must comply with Fair Market Value, the Stark Law, and the Anti-Kickback Statute. Tracking and analyzing total compensation to ensure compliance is challenging when provider data is stored in multiple files/systems in different departments. Storing provider data and financial agreements in one contract management system simplifies those processes. 

Reduce Supply Chain Costs and Compliance Risks

When providers make treatment decisions based on payments received from pharmaceutical and medical device companies, patients and healthcare organizations pay the price. The selected treatment may not be the best option for the patient, and it may be more expensive than other, clinically comparable treatment options. It’s imperative that physicians and health systems document non-disclosures in their decision-making.

If you don’t scrutinize providers’ financial relationships with healthcare industry representatives, your supply chain costs may be higher. Plus, you expose your organization to compliance and legal risks such as Stark Law and Anti-Kickback Statute violations and negligence if patient harm results in a malpractice suit.

What’s the best way to avoid these pitfalls?

Examine Open Payments (fka Sunshine) data and use Conflict of Interest Capture to identify, monitor, and report potential conflicts of interest.

Join our experts, Chief Data Officer Kimberly Hartsfield and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mark Kestner, to learn how to use Open Payments data and Conflict of Interest Capture to:

  • Comply with the Anti-Kickback Statute and Stark Law.
  • Reduce legal risks in the face of malpractice suits.
  • Manage business relationships with providers.
  • Document non-disclosures in decision-making.
  • Control supply chain costs.

Our Experts

Kimberly Hartsfield, MPA

Chief Data Officer


Mark Kestner, MD

Chief Medical Officer


Open Payments Data: To Monitor Conflicts of Interest and Provider Total Compensation

Thursday, February 25, 2021

1:00 pm ET / 12 Noon CT

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