Contract Analytics: The Solution to Managing at the Margins

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Pre-COVID, most health systems were running on single-digit operating margins. Now, according to a recent study by Kaufman Hall, hospital operating margins have plummeted a full 96%, as they try to keep daily operations going and deliver high-quality patient care.

As your healthcare organization looks at every possible opportunity to save money and improve your margins, consider TractManager’s Artificial Intelligence-powered Contract Analytics.

Proactive contract management creates savings opportunities. Contract Analytics connects the business obligations across your enterprise and allows you to quickly understand all the options for cost reduction buried within your contracts.

Join Chief Data Officer Kimberly Hartsfield and SVP of Strategy & Growth Mark O’Connor to learn how Contract Analytics is the secret to managing at your margins.

Here are a few ways Contract Analytics works:

  • Identify the presence or absence of force majeure language in your agreements, allowing you to quickly amend these contracts.
  • Find and terminate auto-renewing agreements that are no longer necessary, driving savings right to the bottom line.
  • Discover which contracts are missing a signed Business Associate Agreement, avoiding significant financial penalties.

To learn more ways Contract Analytics will help your organization, join the webinar.

Our Panelists

Kimberly Hartsfield, MPA

Chief Data Officer


Mark O’Connor, MHSA, MPP

SVP Product Strategy & Growth


Contract Analytics:
The Solution to Managing at the Margins

Thursday, December 3, 2020

2:00 pm ET / 1:00 pm CT

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