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Reduce Provider Onboarding Timeframes

We help healthcare organizations take control of the initial credentialing and provider enrollment workflows. TractManager’s unique, powerful combination of software and services can accelerate provider hiring and onboarding, allowing you to generate more revenue, faster.


“One of the challenges that organizations – health organizations – have over time, is the onboarding time. To bring a provider from one organization onto another and to get them providing services. Then getting them to the primary source verification piece where they can actually be granted privileges to see a patient, takes days… sometimes takes weeks. On average, going through the contract process can take 90 days. It’s way too long. And so one of the things that we’re trying to o, is to reduce that provider onboarding timeframe. Get the provider into the organization faster, get them credentialed faster, and get them billing faster, so that the clients that we’re working for are able to generate revenue faster than they would’ve been able to do before.”

Scott Friesen, Provider Management Adviser

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Learn how our integrated MediTract CLM, Provider Onboarding, and Provider Analytics capabilities deliver measurable results to your healthcare organization.