Provider Onboarding -

Reduce Denials and Generate Revenue Faster

TractManager helps healthcare organizations improve revenue by reducing the provider onboarding timeframe, as well as credentialing-related claims denials.


“One of the things that we’re trying to do is reduce that provider onboarding timeframe. Get the provider into the organization faster, get them credentialed faster, and get them billing faster, so that the clients that we’re working for are able to generate revenue faster than they would’ve been able to do before. The other thing, one of the benefits related to that, is reducing the denials that are happening in the first place. So, you may have a person that is – let’s say they’re a doctor. They’re making $120,000 a year. $10,000 a month. Okay, so let’s say that for example, it takes 3 months to get that doctor through the contracting process. You can’t bill. You just lost $30,000. Let’s say it takes another 90 days to go ahead an go through that process. You just lost another $90,000. That point is, is that there’s real revenue impact to reducing the credentialing timeframe. So by providing the right technology, and the right bundled services, the people that know how to manage that, you’re reducing that timeframe and you’re getting the provider’s billing faster and generating revenue faster than they would’ve been able to before.”

Scott Friesen, Provider Management Adviser

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