Provider Onboarding -

Happy Provider, Happy Patient. That’s All That Matters!

Our software streamlines and accelerates the credentialing and enrollment workflow so providers can start seeing patients faster and getting reimbursed sooner.


“There are certain steps that happens from when a provider joins a hospital or a health system, or even a large practitioner group, that have to occur before that provider sees patients and gets reimbursed for those services. Having a software that can understand that workflow is integral for being able to move this along in a streamlined fashion and get that done quicker. Get steps A-Z done that much faster. Happy provider, happy patient- that’s all that matters.”

Allyson Schiff, Senior Director, Growth & Strategy

Our Solutions Automate and Streamline Your
Provider Management Processes.

Learn how our integrated MediTract CLM, Provider Onboarding, and Provider Analytics capabilities deliver measurable results to your healthcare organization.