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We help healthcare organizations streamline their initial credentialing and provider enrollment workflows, accelerating their physician onboarding process so they can generate more revenue, faster.


“So, from a provider who’s already enrolled with a health plan, knowing when they’re due for that re-enrollment is key. But for a provider who’s just coming on board with a health plan, well how do you know how to time all of this stuff – because that is so important. You never want to have a provider start at a hospital or a large health system organization and either not be able to see patients, or to be seeing patients, and the provider himself is not participating at that time. So the way to kind of mitigate that situation is advanced notice. From the moment a provider signs his onboarding contract, gets approved by HR, gets his privileges to start seeing patients ibn that hospital – you want to minimize the amount of time that provider has from the start date, to seeing patients, to ensure that somewhere in the middle of that, the enrollment is occurring with that health plan. That’s the only way you’re going to be able to have a successful enrollment process.”

Allyson Schiff, Senior Director, Growth & Strategy

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