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Our powerful business intelligence (BI) platform provides real-time visibility into the status of each credentialing and provider enrollment project, facilitating the proactive management of staff resources, identification of bottlenecks, and remediation to ensure a streamlined operation.


“We had a client, as an example, that was taking on average of 47 to get their information to us, before we implemented our BI tool. We got it down to 13 days. That drop down from 47 to 13 translates to a faster application that’s getting to the payers, which gets you billing faster, which is allowing you to recognize revenue in a way that you weren’t able to before. Organizations that don’t have a robust BI tool to manage their provider data are struggling. They shouldn’t be in that world anymore. So from our perspective, if you give them an easy, powerful, intuitive way to extract their data – not so they can just extract their data – but they can make meaningful actions to improve their operations, is what we’re trying to accomplish. And we’re doing that day in and day out with our clients, over and over and over again.”

Scott Friesen, Provider Management Adviser

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Learn how our integrated MediTract CLM, Provider Onboarding, and Provider Analytics capabilities deliver measurable results to your healthcare organization.