Provider Management -

Single Source of Truth

We normalize data and facilitate data collection and reporting by creating a centralized database—a single source of truth across all platforms.


“I think really that the future is making sure that we can normalize data. We can have a system that’s going to be in the source of truth. You want to be able to go to one place, and say – where are my providers, where are my locations – and be able to report off of that in an easy fashion. From there, I think that’s step one. We need to make sure that we can collect that data. Then we can start looking at how do we integrate with different tools, with different solutions, with different payers that are out there. I think the first step is we need to really collect the data and know what that data is before we can really start going down and branching out and seeing how we can impact the industry as a whole with making sure that we have that single source of truth across all platforms.”

David Meier, VP of Technology Solutions

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