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Provider Data Management

We manage your provider data and get it correct from the beginning, so you can enroll providers accurately and avoid claim denials.


“From an enrollment perspective, if you’re not enrolling with the correct information, or you’re not seinding it to the payers or you’re not sending the correct data to your billing system or to yout billers to actually start releasing claims, that’s really going to have some major financial impacts, because now you’re not going to be able to release those claims or you’re going to get denials becayse you haven’t enrolled providers correctly or you’ve provided incorrect information. So it’s really important with getting the data correct at the forefront, so that way you don’t have to worry about it. I don’t think anybody wants to worry about provider management. They want to deal with doing their job. How do I enroll providers? How do I privilege those providers? How do I verify that information that I’ve collected? They don’t want to worry about normalizing data and all of these other things. They want a system that’s going to so all of that for them, so that way they can get back to doing their job. They have enough to worry about – let’s take it away from managing provider data.”

David Meier, VP of Technology Solutions

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