TractManager, Inc. Acquires EMTS

TractManager, Inc. Acquires EMTS

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CHATTANOOGA, TN, DALLAS, TX. Feb. 13, 2018/Business Wire. TractManager, Inc., the healthcare industry’s largest supplier of strategic sourcing and contract lifecycle management (CLM) solutions, has acquired Equipment Management & Technology Solutions (EMTS), the leaders in managing capital equipment and service contract negotiations for hospitals and health systems.

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About EMTS

Equipment Management & Technology Solutions (EMTS) is based in Littleton, Colorado. Since 2001, the company has worked with over 1,000 healthcare providers delivering process efficiencies and reducing costs across the supply chain for Capital Equipment, Service Contracts, and Purchased Services.

The new relationship is a perfect strategic and operational fit for both organizations. Specifically, it allows EMTS access to MD Buyline’s vast array of strategic sourcing data and advisory services supporting capital equipment and technology acquisition, purchased services, and consumables. It also provides TractManager clients with EMTS’ widely acknowledged expertise in professional vendor engagement and negotiations, Service Contract Review, and On-Site Capital Resourcing.

Sourcing Optimization Service (SOS) – is a data and market driven analysis of Capital Equipment Acquisition. This starts with an evidence-based financial analysis of the initial purchase cost and on-going expenses. It also includes direct engagement and negotiation with the vendor providing the equipment and/or service.

RECON – provides a review and analysis of existing service contracts focused on reducing on-going operational costs. Comparison of current costs vs. best available, consolidation of same vendors and standardization of contract dates/terms/conditions delivering a structured and cost-effective approach.

OnSite Capital Resource (OCR) – Provides an onsite EMTS employee to facilitate all stages of the capital equipment process – everything from design to activation. Leverage a full time EMTS employee for financial analysis/ROI, competitive sourcing, quote/contract negotiations, standardization support, owner representation, etc. Additionally, the EMTS Representative will have direct access to a Price Paid Database, dramatically reducing an organization’s overall capital equipment costs.

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