Newport Credentialing is now TractManager!

Read our FAQs to learn more about what to expect.

Newport Credentialing FAQ


1. Can I still access the Newport website?
No. In mid-March will migrate over to TractManager acquired Newport Credentialing in 2018, and we are now in the final stages of integrating all business operations under the TractManager brand.
2. Will you be keeping the Newport Credentialing name?
No. We have retired the Newport brand in order to unite under a single corporate brand, TractManager. Newport Credentialing’s solutions and services will now be part of our Provider Management Solutions on 
3. I used to log in to CARE from Now that the website is moving, where do I log in to the CARE portal?

You can log in to CARE on our Client Login page on the website.

As part of the integration of Newport Credentialing and TractManager solutions, we will be also offering Single Sign On (SSO) for those clients who have subscriptions to one or more TractManager solutions and services. Please contact your account manager to learn more.

4. Sometimes we need to speak with a support person about provider enrollment questions. Has support contact information also changed?
No. Your support process has not changed. You can still contact Credentialing and Enrollment support by phone: (516) 593-1380; email:; or by visiting our Contact Us page for more details.
5. Are there any other changes that we should expect regarding the Newport Credentialing brand migration?
Yes. You will also notice that we have changed Newport email signatures from to Please be sure to whitelist with your IT support team to ensure you don’t miss an important email from Newport/TractManager in the future.