From spend management to contract lifecycle management, provider credentialing to contract compliance — this is where the future of healthcare technology begins.

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If you’re having trouble choosing the right application, please read our Client Login FAQ.



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Newport Credentialing is now TractManager! Read our FAQs to learn more about what to expect.

Client Login FAQ


1. There are 2 MediTract Applications, which one should I login into?
If you are a new TractManager MediTract CLM client in the past year, or have recently upgraded please log in to MediTract CLM. If you have been a MediTract client for more than a year and subscribe to Process Manager and/or Contract Library please log in to MediTract Classic.
1a. There are 2 MediTract TERMS apps in the App Store, which one should I install?
MediTract TERMS 2 app should only be installed by clients using the new MediTract CLM platform with Provider Time Tracking installed. The original MediTract TERMS app is for use with the MediTract Classic platform only. If you have any questions about the MediTract TERMS apps, please call our Help Desk at (423) 693-0166.


2. I’m an Expert RFP, and Recall Tracker subscriber, where are those applications?
You can find ExpertRFP, RecallTracker and other MDBuyline features by logging in to MDBuyline Classic.


3. Where can I find the Capital Deals Database?
The Capital Deals Database, Vendor Insights and our new online quote submission process can now be found in the Capital Market Intelligence application. If you are not a current subscriber, or have not yet migrated your MDB Capital subscription to Capital Market Intelligence please contact sales to learn more about our incentives to upgrade.


4. I’m a subscriber of multiple applications, do I need to logout and log in to switch from one app to the next?
No. You can now switch from app to app with Single Sign On (SSO) for Capital Market Intelligence, MediTract CLM and the Hayes Knowledge Center. If you’re interested in learning more about SSO please contact sales.


5. I’m having trouble with my log in credentials. Who should I contact?
Our client services specialists are available to help. Please give us a call or send us an email and we can assist you immediately.

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