MedApproved Workflow Software Enables Better Decision-Making.

Better decisions mean better outcomes.

So many new product requests. So many stakeholders. And piles of data and clinical information to consider.

MedApproved workflow software automates the decision-making process for value analysis, pharmacy evaluations, and RFPs.

How It Works

TractManager’s MedApproved software is the most versatile decision-support tool on the market.

Enabling Your Remote Teams with Cloud-Based and Secure Software.


  • Automate and simplify your decision-making processes, helping you make the right decisions, faster.
  • Connect clinical evidence and price benchmarking data to evaluate products in a virtual environment.
  • Connect your locations and organize your pricing data and evidence into one workflow process.
  • Invite the right people with the right permissions—including vendors—for easy remote collaboration.
  • Easily manage single product or multiple product comparisons.

Streamline Decision-Making with
MedApproved Workflow Software

MedApproved was designed for healthcare professionals
and includes these easy-to-use features:

Central Repository: Centralizes documents, articles, clinical evidence, marketing materials, and evaluation results.

Automated Workflows: Improve efficiency and accelerate decision-making.

Custom Product Request Portal: Lets clinicians submit product requests electronically.

Supplier Portal: Allows suppliers to submit the product information (that you requested) online.

Review Tools: Simplify the review process with voting, eForms, surveys, and custom tasks.

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