It’s Time to Automate Your Healthcare Value Management Processes.

A large, cross-departmental committee takes months to make a decision on a new technology. Sound familiar?

Value analysis teams need technology-enabled, configurable processes to support transparency and evidence-based decisions.


Toward A
High Reliability

Predictable, Transparent
Decision-Making For
Modern Health Systems

MedApproved Streamlines Your Value Analysis

TractManager’s decision-support workflow software is powered by MedApproved.

TractManager’s technology-enabled value analysis solution provides a structured framework for the distribution and evaluation of decision-support data.

MedApproved brings together the critical data for evidence, safety, regulatory, recall, spend, price benchmarking, and contracts needed to evaluate capital equipment, med-surg supplies, and outsourced services—all in one place.

Value, Redefined.

Our value management solutions support your team with smarter insights for smarter decisions. 

Rather than a process that starts and ends with product assessment, our data-driven value analysis software and services help you evaluate the full breadth of any decision. Evidence, safety, regulatory, recall, spend, benchmarking, and contract data are all in one place. This means you never waste valuable time scouring spreadsheets to get the information your committee needs. The right stakeholder always has the right data at the right time.

Get to the Heart of Your Healthcare Supply Chain Data Faster.

We improve healthcare value analysis with software, services, and data to make smarter decisions.

Value Analysis Workflow

Automate the distribution of financial, clinical, and comparative effectiveness data to support better decisions.

Provider Evidence

Our clinical research experts start with the right questions, so your clinical evidence search can arrive at the right answers.

Basic Initiative Analysis

We deliver and configure standard workflows for new product requests, replacements and more.

Value Analysis Assistance

Our value management experts work with you to design, integrate and implement purchasing and other value management processes.

Custom Initiative Analysis

Your dedicated value analysis consultant handles everything —from discovery and data analysis to reviews for your custom project.

Engaged Physicians Mean Better Margins. 


Boost Physician Engagement

Generate more revenue and transform into a high-reliability organization.

Drive Efficiency

In committee evaluation and decision-making processes.

Foster Collaborative Decision-Making

To support greater efficiencies and positive outcomes.

A fully engaged physician adds $460,000 in patient revenue each year.

Improve Physician


Better collaboration, unbiased data, and clinical experts who know what your doctors need to stay informed.

Centralize and Standardize Your Data

Incorporate clinical evidence and purchasing data into your workflow so your teams have the information they need to make smart, transparent decisions.

More Savings

$2.8 Million

Our value management solutions identified $2.8 million in savings for a customer evaluating cardiac rhythm management devices and related products.

Software, Services, and Data Integrated on a Single Platform.

Learn more about other TractManager solutions designed to help your healthcare organization succeed.

Healthcare contracting experts designed our platform (so you know it’s good). Need to renegotiate an expiring contract or create a new one? We help you draft a contract with the most favorable terms.

Get a detailed analysis of all available financial and clinical data, delivered within a structured framework of a health technology you may be considering for your organization.

Use our powerful data and evidence and the help of our expert contract negotiators to firm up your negotiation strategy for purchased services, med-surg and capital projects.

Where Are You On The Value Analysis Maturity Curve?

Read the Total Value Management:
The Evolution of Value Analysis white paper to find out.