Healthcare is Tough Enough. Managing Your Spend Shouldn’t Be.

Every budget cycle comes with ambitious savings targets.

But when margins are already razor-thin, finding more savings can feel like searching for pennies under a mattress. Trimming labor costs? Not an option. Delaying technology upgrades? Don’t even think about it.



Let Us Guide You to
Financial Health With These
3 Real-Life Examples

Still, there’s one thing you can control:
non-labor spending.

But even after consolidating vendors and optimizing price, leakage, off-contract spend, and misbilling still need to be managed agressively. Thankfully, our team of expert analysts support you with spend analytics, contract negotiations, insights and strategies to transform this cost center into savings opportunities.

Spend Management is a Team Sport

That’s why our dedicated sourcing analysts and advisors are here to complement your team. We’ll work with you and analyze your data to develop spend insights for immediate action. We’ll pinpoint categories with the most opportunity for savings including purchased services, med-surg, and capital equipment and projects. We spot-check categories and zoom in on contracts with issues before they become a problem.

And while our bench is deep, our benchmarking data is even deeper. Our market insights and spend analytics connect the dots from contract to invoice, and include automated invoice reconciliation plus an elegant online insights dashboard.

Ready to Transform Your Approach to Spend Management?

Guesswork isn’t conducive to great patient care. And it doesn’t work for your purchasing team, either. Our spend management solutions empower your team with smart insights and technology to better understand all the levers for improving care.

Spend Analytics Tools

1,500+ categories of healthcare purchased services.

Negotiation Services

Negotiate with an assist from our expert contract negotiators.

Benchmarking Data

3+ million data points, including detailed local, regional, and national pricing.

Contract Analysis

Identify key clauses and terms to strengthen your negotiations.

Spend Monitoring

Assess spend, reconcile contracts with invoices, and minimize overcharging.

There’s a Reason 2/3 of Health Systems Rely on TractManager Solutions.

Better Margins

Improve operating margins by 3% with spend management software and services.

Reduced Costs

Adopt our best practices and spend 17% less on non-labor and outsourced services.

Smarter Spend

Achieve 10–30% average savings for a single purchased services category.

 We Deliver Tangible Savings to Our Clients.

$9.7 Million

In savings over 3 years on blood services and reference labs at a Southeastern U.S. health system


In annual savings on transcription services for a large IDN

$13.8 Million

Annual savings on reference labs and food services at a non-profit health system

Software, Services, and Data Integrated into One Platform.

Learn more about other TractManager solutions specifically designed to help your healthcare organization succeed.

Healthcare contracting experts designed our platform — maybe that’s why it’s #1 in the industry. Need to renegotiate an expiring contract or create a new one? We support the workflows and terms to help you get your contracts right.

We integrate clinical evidence and market intelligence into your value management workflow to support better technology and capital purchasing decisions.

Confidently take your seat at the negotiating table with an assist from our expert contract negotiators. Pay a fixed fee or pay for performance based on the savings we generate.

Negotiate Better Outsourced Services Contracts

Read the Top 10 Contract Negotiation Strategies For Healthcare Providers white paper to find out how.