Better Healthcare Decisions Begin with Better Data.

It happens the same way every year. When it’s time to budget, it’s time to make tough choices.

But achieving savings targets with limited data, time and resources can feel near-impossible. Whether it’s building ROI estimates for high-profile capital projects, evaluating the merits of a new MRI machine, or reconciling past technology investments with the realities of patient outcomes and reimbursement, making these determinations without the right information can lead to more inefficiencies and increased spend.

Helping You Make the Impossible Possible

Our healthcare sourcing and negotiation solutions help health systems align strategic and clinical priorities with the realities of capital planning, research, and approval. We assemble multiple data sources — from evidence-based research, secondary market benchmarks, to our proprietary capital purchasing insights — into a single platform that delivers maximum visibility into your sourcing projects.

Supporting Healthcare’s Unsung Heroes.

The work you do is important, but often behind the scenes. We support healthcare supply chain teams with unbiased data and technology to help you make smarter decisions. Our comprehensive approach includes:


Capital Market Intelligence has the broadest and deepest database in healthcare. Our detailed market and supplier data compares vendors and expands your sourcing options.

Quote/Contract Analysis

Get objective analyses from our unbiased healthcare sourcing experts, including component-level and service contract details, analysis, and pricing recommendations.

Provider Evidence

Gain access to unbiased clinical evidence, and a proprietary database that benchmarks the efficacy of health technologies.

Sourcing Support

Rely on our expert team for custom analyses, sourcing strategies, facilities planning, or expansion support.

Negotiation Services

Our team of experts have negotiated more than $3.5 billion in successful capital and service contract projects, and can act as a single point of contact with your suppliers.

University of Colorado Health

“TractManager’s ability to assemble so much data into a comprehensive — and comprehensible — package easily saved us weeks of effort and analysis.”

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Don’t Just Identify Savings.
Actually Achieve Them.

Average an Additional

10% savings

using industry leading quote database and analyses

Achieve an additional

6–9% annual savings

when you use our optional negotiation services

From Capital to Med-Surg, One Platform for All Your Needs

Healthcare compliance experts designed our contract lifecycle management platform. Maybe that’s why it’s #1 in the industry.

Expand your options. Our secondary capital market and inventory services ensure you always get fair market value — and then some.

We automate your value analysis workflow with more detailed sourcing data and unbiased clinical research responses, so you can make smarter purchasing decisions.

Make Smarter Capital Sourcing Decisions

Read The Strategic Role of Clinical Evidence in Value-Based Healthcare Capital Planning white paper to find out how.