Healthcare Provider Decisions Without Evidence? That’s Like a Surgeon Without a Scalpel.

Every catheter, every stent, every suture — every single technology your health system uses is the output of hundreds of decisions.

While these decisions often impact patient care, they aren’t always driven by evidence-based clinical research and analysis. They should be.

Unbiased Clinical Evidence When You Need It.

We understand that you don’t always have enough time or resources to research clinical evidence for the latest medical technology, or to adequately compare competing health technologies.

And even after you do wade through the backlog of new product requests to make a recommendation, there still may not be enough of the right evidence to support the purchase.

Our value management process brings together your pricing data, clinical evidence, and workflow so your teams don’t waste valuable time evaluating requests that don’t contribute to better care.

If Loving Evidence-Based Decision Making is Wrong, We Don’t Want to be Right.

Our provider evidence solution and services are developed by people with clinical, data, and financial expertise. We deliver research and insights in unbiased reports that support both clinical and supply chain decision-makers in your care facility. Our clinical team gets you started in the right direction by asking the right questions, so your evidence search can get to the right answers fast.

Think of them as the support team behind your team, assembling, reviewing, and interpreting the relevant data on the technologies you’re considering. Our Clinical Advisors are veteran RNs with decades of hands-on experience. They work collaboratively with yours to assess the impact a technology or product may have on outcomes, clinician satisfaction, insurance reimbursement, and your strategic imperatives.

The Difference Between Hero and Superhero? It’s the Data.

Save Time and Reduce Backlogs

Our clients typically spend 45% less time evaluating a new product or product refresh than they did before using our solution.

Prioritize Requests

Using our structured decision support framework, you can triage requests and prioritize products that will have the most impact.

Standardize Utilization and Acquisition

Identify waste and standardize clinical practices, vendors, and products.

Integrate Evidence into your Value Analysis Process

Improve evidence quality, and accelerate the time your team takes to reach a decision.

Unbiased Evidence that Never Gets Lost in Translation.

Clinical Research Response

When controlled and blinded studies aren’t available, our clinical research responses can aggregate and interpret real-world clinical and financial evidence to support a recommendation.

Safe Start Analysis

Our proven framework ensures a thorough assessesment of the clinical, operational, and financial impact of each technology you’re considering.

Clinical Advisory Services

Our clinical analysts and evidence advisors search the literature and interpret the evidence, giving you decision-support data that enables diverse stakeholders to reach consensus.

Utilization Reviews

Our clinical evidence advisors help you understand utilization, address variations in care delivery, and standardize practices, products and processes.

Integrating Evidence, Technology,
People, and Processes.

Our value management solutions help your teams collaborate more efficiently, assess products and technologies faster, and make smarter decisions based on unbiased data.

Use our powerful data and unbiased evidence to strengthen your negotiation strategy for purchased services, med-surg, and capital projects.

A Framework for Improving Value Analysis

Read the Comprehensive Safe Start: The Journey From Triple Aim to Quadruple Aim white paper to learn more.