How Accurate Is Your Medical Capital Inventory?

Managing medical capital inventory can feel like reorganizing a packed closet.

There are duplicate items, items you no longer need, items you thought were lost. While we can’t sort your closet, TractManager can inventory your capital equipment. We’ll uncover equipment you didn’t even know you had—and help you get top dollar for it. This could be just the nudge on the margin needle you need.

Are you buying equipment you already own?

Many health systems don’t have an accurate account of all medical capital assets in their possession.

If your inventory and device tracking haven’t been recently verified, you could be paying service contracts for equipment no longer in use.

Whether it’s identifying duplicate technologies, or finding equipment you can trade in, or sell on the secondary market, using best-in-class data and technology to manage your inventory can provide you with more options — and dollars — for medical equipment planning and budgeting.

Capital Equipment Planning Begins With An Accurate Inventory. Do You Have It?

Our patented technology verifies current inventory and reconciles it with your inventory management system. TractManager will scan, photograph, catalog, and conduct fair market value (FMV) assessments for every asset you own. Our certified appraisers can tell you what your equipment is worth on the secondary market, and work with you to identify disposition options. 

When it comes to medical equipment planning, every saved dollar counts. And with our technology-enabled capital inventory services, those savings add up quickly.

From Valuations to Trade-Ins, Control Your Inventory.

Capital Inventory Assessment

We assess your inventory and ensure accuracy in data and tracking, providing complete visibility into your capital assets.

Asset Valuation

We use secondary market pricing, utilization data, information on market trends, plus expert analysis to assess your equipment’s fair market value.

Asset Disposition

Whether you’re trading in, selling, donating, or relocating used medical equipment, we help you manage the entire process.

Equipment Auctions

We manage the sale of your medical equipment via our live marketplace, or host custom auctions on your behalf.

Capital Planning

Our service line, financial, and clinical analysts help you identify strategic sourcing, spend, and facilities planning goals.

Smarter Decisions. Proven Results.

More than 350 hospitals worldwide rely on our
Capital Inventory Services. 

Capital Planning and
Onsite Capital Resources

More than $14 million saved

Strategic Asset Disposition

More than $27 million recovered

OEM Trade-In Offers

More than $4.5 million recovered


“We were very impressed with TractManager’s professionalism, experience in best practices, and ability to manage a large project with so many moving parts.”
– Eric Tritch
University of Chicago Medicine
Executive Director of Strategic Sourcing

Think of Us as an Extension of Your Sourcing and Negotiation Team.

Use our powerful Sourcing and Negotiation Services to negotiate vendor contracts with confidence. Achieve even more savings when you pair them with Capital Inventory Services.

Onsite Sourcing Resources

Augment your staff or tap into our expertise with dedicated Onsite Sourcing Resources. They’re available to handle your unique strategic sourcing needs, from operations management to inventory and warehouse management.

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