Our Experts

Our Experts

Wayne Adams, BSRT

Consumables Analyst

Wayne Adams works with the Consumables team, covering Buyline Value Analysis projects, custom quotes, spends, and requests for information (RFIs). His technology reports highlight new and future technologies.

Julie Andrews, MSN, RN, CCRN

Clinical Analyst

Julie Andrews is a clinical analyst in the areas of critical care, nursing, and patient monitoring. At MD Buyline, Ms. Andrews uses her experience and industry knowledge to help customers make decisions about patient monitoring and fetal monitoring equipment and defibrillators.

Maggie Araiza, BS

Associate Analyst

Maggie Araiza takes advantage of her background in consumables and customer experience to provide MD Buyline members with the tools and information they need to make well-informed purchasing decisions.

Bill Barber

Vice President of Operations

Bill Barber’s experience with not-for- profit and for-profit health systems, large academic medical centers, and rural hospitals give him a unique perspective that enables him to guide clients in the most cost-effective methods when acquiring equipment and services.

Nicole Barker, RN

Account Executive/Purchased Services Clinical Consulting Manager

With more than two decades of experience in medicine and purchased services, Nicole Barker helps MD Buyline members with their purchased services needs.

Cris Bennett, R.T.(R)(MR)

Clinical Analyst

Cris Bennett serves as the primary analyst for CT and MRI systems at MD Buyline. He provides insight, along with other analysts, on radiology IT solutions.

Rachael Bennett, BHS, R.T.(R)(T)

Clinical Analyst

As a clinical analyst at MD Buyline, Rachael Bennett is the primary analyst for linear accelerators, stereotactic radiosurgery, mammography systems, biopsy systems, and other radiation oncology and women’s health capital equipment codes.

Lidia Chelkowska, BSN, RN

Clinical Analyst

Lidia Chelkowska is a registered nurse with experience as a nurse and nurse manager. She has worked in bariatric, gynecologic, and orthopedic settings, as well as on neurologic, trauma, and vascular cases. At MD Buyline, she specializes in surgery.

Neff Conner, BA


Neff Conner is an analyst at MD Buyline for the areas of general and cardiac ultrasound. He also works with PriceTracker products, endoscopic video systems, and surgical power instruments.

Jamie Dildy, BS, R.T.(R)

Clinical Analyst

Jamie Dildy serves as the primary analyst at MD Buyline for mini and mobile C-arms, contrast injectors, lithotripters, SPECT and SPECT/CT, PET/CT and PET MRI, urology systems, gamma detection systems, and infant care and infant security.

Lyle Ellerbach, BS, ABA

Vice President

A veteran of 30 years at MD Buyline, Lyle Ellerbach currently heads the Implementation and Training teams for the company’s Purchased Services Program.

Jessica Everitt, MS


Jessica Everitt uses her industry knowledge to help MD Buyline customers make decisions regarding surgical power instruments, robotics, microscopes, electrosurgical devices, low-temperature sterilizers, tissue ablation, and endoscopy.

Rod Faulkner, BS


Rod Faulkner works as an analyst at MD Buyline in capital and purchased services, which enables him to consult with members as they work through researching, budgeting, and purchasing projects.

Roman Franklin, BS

Healthcare IT Analyst

Roman Franklin applies his knowledge of the healthcare supply chain industry at facilities ranging from small community hospitals to large IDNs to help MD Buyline customers achieve best-in- market pricing on a range of technologies.

Cassandra Gipson, MBA, RVT, RDMS, R.T.(R)(M)(CT)

Clinical Analyst

As a clinical analyst at MD Buyline, Cassandra Gipson takes advantage of more than 25 years of leadership and hands-on experience in interventional and general radiology, CT, mammography, and ultrasound.

Michael Hardin, MBA

Customer Experience Manager

As Customer Experience Manager, Michael Hardin uses his management and customer service experience, along with knowledge of the medical industry, to lead MD Buyline’s efforts to help clients derive the greatest value from the company’s array of solutions.

Kevin Hodges, BS

Director of Operations

In addition to his duties as Director of Operations, Kevin Hodges is an analyst for MD Buyline’s Purchased Services program and continues to provide training to the Research & Analysis, Account Management, and Marketing teams.

Roe Hogan, LVN


With her passion for nursing, Roe Hogan enjoys keeping up with improvements and new equipment in the profession and assisting hospitals in making wiser decisions in the purchase of equipment based on their needs.

Jaclyn Holt, BBA


Jaclyn Holt takes advantage of her business administration training and experience in marketing to offer MD Buyline clients the most up-to- date information in the selection and purchase of consumables.

Tim Hopkins, BBA

General Manager, MedApproved

While working in medical technology, Tim Hopkins recognized that hospitals and healthcare organizations needed a more efficient way to evaluate new products. With this goal in mind, he co-founded MedApproved in 2010 to streamline the review process by electronically connecting product requests with the appropriate stakeholders within a hospital.

Julie Johnson


Julie Johnson serves as an analyst, providing support to the clinical analysts and helping MD Buyline members make informed purchasing decisions.

James Laskaris, EE, BME

Clinical Analyst

James Laskaris is a senior emerging technology analyst at MD Buyline and serves as the primary analyst of high-end operating room technology. He also covers issues related to the legislative and reimbursement effect on healthcare and authors a bimonthly “Issues that Matter” publication.

Kathey Leibold, RRT

Clinical Analyst

Kathey Leibold is responsible for the respiratory, pulmonary, and anesthesia product categories at MD Buyline, along with hyperbaric, pulse oximetry, capnography, cerebral oximetry, and anesthesia depth monitoring products.

Mitali Maheshwari, MS, B.Pharm

Healthcare IT Analyst

With a background in healthcare information technology, Mitali Maheshwari has responsibility for several technologies at MD Buyline, including Electronic Health Records.

Terry Maiale


Terry Maiale enjoys assisting MD Buyline members in their purchases to maximize their savings.

Dennis Matricardi, MS, SM(ASCP)DLM

Clinical Analyst

With his deep experience in hospital-based laboratory settings, Dennis Matricardi is well-qualified to advise MD Buyline clients on a variety of topics related to laboratory purchasing and management.

Jared Matricardi


Jared Matricardi applies his knowledge of computer science to advise MD Buyline and its clients on IT hardware including servers, computers, networking equipment, and infrastructure software.

Ashlee Oremade, BGS


Ashlee Oremade employs her extensive experience working with vendors and clients alike in the purchase of supplies and equipment to advise MD Buyline members on the purchase of cardiology and imaging equipment and supplies.

Anna Ormiston, BBA

Purchased Services Consulting Project Manager

With her years of contracting experience, Anna Ormiston assists members in sourcing their Purchased Services categories by using MD Buyline’s industry knowledge to help reduce costs and improve quality.

Josh Owen, BA


Josh Owen’s knowledge of various capital equipment technologies and his procurement experience enable him to assist MD Buyline clients in their purchase of surgical equipment.

Kyler Ritchie, BBA

Purchased Services Analyst

Kyler Ritchie identifies purchased services savings opportunities by benchmarking members’ rates with similar health systems, identifying pricing discrepancies, and suggesting favorable contract terms. He also helps guide MD Buyline members through the negotiation process.

Kayla Slimp, BA

Purchased Services Analyst

Kayla Slimp applies her research training and experience to optimize MD Buyline member hospitals’ management of purchased services. She performs contract reviews to ensure hospital clients are obtaining industry-best pricing and contract terms.

Leanne Smith

Consumables Analyst

Leanne Smith is a senior analyst with the MD Buyline Consumables team, where she has been an integral part of the development and launch of several MD Buyline products and services, such as Buyline Consumables, Buyline Recall Tracker, and the IBM Watson project.

Tyler Speakman

Healthcare IT Analyst

Along with Healthcare IT, Tyler Speakman specializes in capital purchasing and project management for multiple technologies, including nurse call systems, OR integration, and PACS.

Diana Trinh, MLS(ASCP)CM

Clinical Analyst

Diana Trinh is a clinical analyst whose deep experience in and knowledge of medical laboratory science serves her well in advising MD Buyline client in laboratory and pharmacy purchases.

Tom Watson, BS, RCVT

Clinical Analyst

Tom Watson is the primary analyst for cardiology, which includes interventional angiography (cardiac, vascular and neurological), electrophysiology imaging and monitoring, and cardiology PACS and information systems. He provides secondary support for noninvasive cardiology.

Kaitlyn Wilkie, BS

Associate Analyst

As an associate analyst at MD Buyline, Kaitlyn Wilkie uses her background in science and veterinary medicine to advise members on surgery-related purchases.

Gary Williams, BBA


Gary Williams serves MD Buyline clients as an analyst for patient monitoring, telemetry monitoring, and anesthesia products.

Jodi Wright, BA

Consumables Manager

Jodi Wright has been with MD Buyline since 2000 in account management and product analysis roles. She is passionate about assisting clients and is currently focused on our consumables product line.