MedApproved Hospital Supplier FAQs

MedApproved Hospital Supplier FAQs

What are the steps to submit a product to a hospital?
First, register with MedApproved. Once you have registered, log into MedApproved and select the “Click Here to Start New Assessment” button from the Dashboard. Follow the simple wizard steps to build your product information, and then select “Submit Assessment”.

How much does MedApproved cost?
There is no charge to register with MedApproved. However, to submit your product directly to a MedApproved hospital, there may be a $30 fee depending upon the facility. You will be notified of the potential charge prior to your submission.

What Internet browsers work best with MedApproved?
We recommend using Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 11 (IE11). We cannot guarantee compatibility with older Internet Explorer browsers.

What product information should I submit to the hospital?
If you are directly submitting your product information to a hospital, you will need a valid sponsor/clinical champion. You will need to thoroughly answer every question and include electronic documentation such as your marketing materials, clinical studies, FDA approval, etc.

Why did I receive a hospital invitation?
MedApproved hospitals can invite suppliers to participate in product evaluations. You can accept the invitation and submit the requested information via MedApproved. A sponsor/clinical champion will not be required for hospital invitations.