Finding it difficult to manage hundreds of emails and committee meeting requests related to new product evaluations?

Of course you are if you don't have a new product evaluation workflow solution. We streamline new product reviews and value analysis initiatives through our web-based application – capturing all hospital committee feedback – and support you in improving and accelerating decision-making.

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Developed by healthcare professionals who understand the complexity of the product approval process from both the provider and supplier perspectives, MedApproved is a SaaS-based system that streamlines the decision-making process for hospital committees reviewing new products and value analysis initiatives.

Serving as a central repository for product requests and capturing all stakeholder analyses, feedback, and communications from internal and external sources, MedApproved increases physician engagement, and provides all the necessary tools to facilitate the value analysis workflow. As a result, hospitals can make new product decisions with greater efficiency, transparency and documentation.

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Streamlining Healthcare Value Analysis

New Product Introduction

MedApproved is designed to streamline all new product requests through a simple and easy-to-use process – providing staff and committee members with an electronic funnel for new product requests.

Value Analysis Workflow

MedApproved provides a central repository to capture all stakeholder information from both internal and external sources. Improve physician engagement and facilitate the value analysis workflow – resulting in greater efficiency, transparency, and documentation.

Initiatives and RFIs

We can help your sourcing teams securely and efficiently engage an RFI with all your suppliers. Rid yourself of spreadsheets, PDFs, and emails. Streamline RFI processes to inform and expedite decision-making.

Customer Service

We're committed to understanding your unique needs and developing a system that will improve the overall efficiency of your product evaluation process. Our customer service staff are ready to help you with a customized MedApproved solution.

Meet Our Experts

Our highly qualified team of experts is ready to help you.

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