Make sure the savings you negotiate is fully realized.

Get a comprehensive, insightful analysis of capital, consumables, or purchased services spending from one of our clinical research analysts.

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Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing

We have served the healthcare industry with integrity for over 30 years. As the first mover in strategic sourcing, MD Buyline is laser-focused on delivering service excellence and quantifiable results to our clients.

We provide the broadest and deepest data sets in the market, expert tools, best practices, and advisory services that help your teams plan, budget, research, select and manage the acquisition of capital equipment, technology, services, and supplies.

Additionally, our experienced purchased services group helps hospitals and health systems increase their cash flows, reduce their outsourced service costs, and improve their purchasing efficiencies.

We optimize the strategic sourcing lifecycle for purchased services, capital equipment, consumables, and healthcare information technology.

Purchased Services Program

Capital Purchasing

Secondary Market Solutions

Hospital Consumables

Healthcare Information Technology

Our new product evaluation workflow solution helps hospitals streamline the review of thousands of products and services.


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