Provider Credentialing and Enrollment (NCS)

Provider Credentialing and Enrollment (NCS)

Streamline Your Provider Credentialing and Enrollment Processes

“Newport’s focus on quality and customer service has greatly assisted me in managing our physician’s enrollment and maintenance. Their team is professional, service-oriented and easy to work with. They are willing to travel anytime for face-to-face meetings or to communicate via phone or email. The turn-around is impressive and they are on top of all my physician enrollment needs.” — Physician Revenue Manager, New York

With cloud-based credentialing and provider enrollment software and services created by TractManager’s Newport Credentialing Solutions, clients can stay ahead of the constantly changing provider data management landscape.

Enrolling a provider and then maintaining that provider’s enrollment status is challenging. Newport’s cloud-based workflow, analytics, and business intelligence credentialing software and cloud-enabled credentialing services enables clients to take control of their credentialing and provider enrollment lifecycle by streamlining operations, reducing credentialing-related denials, and generating more cash for their organizations.

Newport provides these services to some of the largest academic medical centers, health systems, and multi-specialty group practices in the United States and further enhances the suite of enterprise contract lifecycle solutions already offered by TractManager’s MediTract division.

Services Include:

  • Industry-proven best practices that promote rapid and accurate credentialing and enrollment processing.
  • Conduct all CAQH Re-attestations, Medicare and Medicaid re-validations, and track all expiring documents.
  • Work all credentialing-related edits and/or denials.
  • Manage delegated roster submissions, maintenance, and reconciliations.
  • Manage special projects pertaining to enrollment maintenance, including TIN conversions.
  • The industry’s first cloud-based credentialing and provider enrollment workflow, analytics, and business intelligence software solution.

For more in-depth information on Provider Credentialing and Enrollment solutions, please visit Newport Credentialing Solutions.

Newport’s Value

  • Improve Revenue
  • Bundled Credentialing and Provider Enrollment Software and Services
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Reduced Costs

14,000+ Locations • 41,000+ Providers • Million+ Enrollment Opportunities • 1 Mission

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