Are you confident your contracting processes are compliant? From an organizational standpoint? Regulatory standpoint?

3 out of 4 hospitals that selected MediTract were out of compliance prior to implementing the system. This is why you want a contract lifecycle management solution designed for healthcare and built for compliance.

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Contract Library

Contract Library

Contract Library helps providers effectively manage their healthcare contracts and mitigate compliance risks in an ever-changing regulatory environment. Contract Library is a scalable, configurable solution that provides executive and financial oversight, as well as contract and compliance management.

MediTract is the only contract management solution to be awarded 4 U.S. patents. Our process of preparing, scanning, and abstracting contracts and documents has been proven in more than 2,000 successful implementations. One in four hospitals trust Contract Library with their contracts, including physician and focus arrangements. Learn More

We help hospitals achieve operational efficiencies that increase cash flow.

Improve Operational Efficiency:

Our solution’s powerful reporting tools summarize valuable, actionable information about the state of every agreement. Don't be forced to renew contracts because you lacked visibility to clauses for auto-renewal.

Strategic Guidance and Regulatory Insight:

We understand the contracting compliance focus of the regulatory agencies overseeing your hospital. We’ll help you apply our best practices to your compliance and healthcare contract management efforts, minimizing your exposure to financial and legal risks.

Painless Implementation and System Integration:

From the time you say go, our expert implementation team handles every detail. Your Contract Library can be operational and fully integrated within one to two months.

Identify Requirements, Goals, and Data Security:

We’ll work with you to identify requirements for Contract Library. We’ll also map out your contract compliance goals. After implementation, you can update user profiles, permissions, and other foundational attributes in real time. Monitor your data by building, saving, and scheduling reports. We’ll support you throughout implementation and beyond.

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