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Healthcare organizations have a mission to deliver the best possible care, but achieving this goal becomes more difficult each year.

The challenges seem to keep coming:

Hospital mergers and acquisitions require analyzing contracts that may increase your liabilities and risk exposure. It can also mean managing the details of transferring FEIN and other financial information.

Non-labor costs continue to rise, but optimizing your healthcare supply chain to reduce spend is next to impossible without the right data, insights, and experts to help realize savings opportunities.

It can take months to onboard providers that you’re still obligated to compensate, expediting the credentialing, privileging, and enrollment process means the difference between revenue now, or managing claim denials later.

But there’s a solution to each of these challenges.

Our integrated healthcare contract lifecycle management, strategic sourcing, and provider management solutions powered by our advanced analytics allow you to make smarter decisions that lead to better care.

Your Partner in Delivering Smarter Care.

TractManager’s extensible solutions allow you to configure a solution to fit your healthcare organization’s unique challenges.

Contract Lifecycle Management: We centralize, standardize, and optimize contract management data and processes to improve productivity, and we provide advanced contract analytics to ensure compliance and speed to value.

Strategic Sourcing: We combine clinical evidence and price benchmarking data with spend analytics to meet all your healthcare sourcing needs, from spend management, to value analysis, to capital planning.

Provider Management: Our technology-enabled services automate and accelerate your contracting, credentialing, privileging, and enrollment, while utilizing AI-powered analytics to avoid compliance violations.

Tools to Address the Challenges Impacting Your Business.

Our contract lifecycle management, strategic sourcing, and provider management solutions offer a range of industry-leading capabilities:

Contract Lifecycle Management

MediTract CLM: Securely manage all your contracts in a centralized database, create custom workflows by contract type, and remain compliant with changing healthcare regulations.

Compliance Suite: Automate data gathering, activity monitoring, and compliance reporting for highly regulated contracts. Evaluate vendors, track provider time reporting, avoid conflicts of interest, and record gifts and other non-monetary compensation.

Contract Analytics: Gain complete visibility into your organization’s contracts, reduce liability, and reconcile issues before they become penalties. Use the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to uncover deep insights that can help you avoid common contract risks.

Extensible: Integrate MediTract CLM with other TractManager solutions to more comprehensively manage contract, spending, and provider business lifecycles.

Strategic Sourcing

Spend Management: Access spend monitoring tools, spend analytics for 1,500+ categories of healthcare purchased services, and more than 3 million data points of benchmarking data to uncover more savings.

Provider Evidence: Use unbiased clinical evidence to streamline product requests and the value analysis process.

Value Management: Use our value analysis software and services to better manage financial, clinical, and contract data, and discover insights that lead to better sourcing decisions.

Sourcing & Negotiations: Our experts perform custom analyses, develop sourcing strategies, assist with facilities planning and expansion support, and work with suppliers to negotiate contracts on your behalf.

Capital Inventory Services: Our experts help you improve inventory tracking, get fair market value for equipment, and conduct equipment auctions and asset disposition so you can generate more value from your capital assets.

Extensible: Integrate Strategic Sourcing with MediTract CLM to streamline the creation and analysis of vendor contracts.

Provider Management

Provider Contracting: Securely manage provider contracts, create custom workflows, and ensure compliance with ever-changing healthcare regulations specific to provider employment.

Provider Onboarding: Streamline and accelerate provider credentialing, privileging, enrollment, and ongoing provider management functions. TractManager is one of only two organizations in the U.S. that are NCQA accredited in credentialing.

Provider Analytics: Analyze all your contract data to provide actionable insights on provider contracts and physician agreement compliance.

Ongoing Provider Management Services: Our ongoing provider services include recredentialing and reenrollment services, data management services, provider identity management, roster management, and provider data stabilization.

Extensible: Integrate Provider Onboarding capabilities with MediTract CLM to expedite the provider contracting process, putting providers in front of patients, faster.

Measure It to Manage It: Beginning the Journey to Hospital Financial Wellness

The financial health of your healthcare organization needs to be your top priority. Analyze clinical, financial, and operational data to uncover opportunities to improve your processes, systems, and bottom line.

Two-Thirds of the Nation’s Hospitals & Health Systems Use TractManager.

Better Contract Management

Our CLM solution helped one hospital avoid $4.4M in potential fines using Contract Analytics to identify 140+ missing Business Associate Agreements.

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Higher Margins,
More Savings

Our strategic sourcing solutions enabled one large, multi-state provider in New England to reduce supply chain costs by $29M.

Streamlined Provider Onboarding

Our provider management solutions helped a 36-facility medical group in the Mid-Atlantic region reduce credential-related claim denials by 50% and improve provider enrollment times by 125%.

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