Workflow Management Software

TractManager’s automated workflow technology improves the efficiency of your business.

In healthcare, distributed administrative workforces and a hybrid of contracting processes make everything feel like it takes more time than it should. In addition, the difficulties in assembling a value analysis committee to evaluate new product requests often lead to an ever-growing backlog of projects. Understanding each step in an automated contract management process shouldn’t be more work than doing it manually, and the overall gained efficiency should be measurable.

Our Workflow Management Software Can Help.

TractManager has more than 25 years in healthcare contracting workflow development and management. Our next-generation workflow technology helps you create intelligent, flexible, and secure workflows that make collaborating across your healthcare organization easier.

It’s Time to Cut the Red Tape.

Creating a contract involves more than just signing a piece of paper. There are rounds of reviews and redlines, negotiations, and legal reviews by subject matter experts. Value analysis, capital planning, and provider onboarding processes are just as complex. To streamline these critical business operations from Quote to Contract, it’s important to understand the status of every contract, quote, and decision affects your business.

TractManager tackles these challenges by delivering best practices and customizable workflow tools that support the way you work. Our software helps automate decision-making to provide transparency and visibility into the status of your projects and approvals, helping you make faster decisions and improve collaboration.

Healthcare Workflow Designed by Experts.

Healthcare experts designed TractManager’s workflow software. That’s why it’s uniquely tailor-made to meet your healthcare organization’s evolving demands:

Value Analysis:
Whether it’s the procurement of new clinical items or the reduction of existing items that are not clinically efficacious, we make it easier to gather information across departments and collaborate on decisions through online document management, decision milestones, and permission-based voting.

Contract Management:
Manual contracting processes are a recipe for inefficiency and risk exposure. We offer a mix of standard workflows and customizable workflows that push the right information to the right stakeholder at the right time, helping you identify and eliminate bottlenecks, keep contracts compliant, and move your business forward.

Provider Management:
We automate the provider onboarding processes of credentialing, privileging, and enrollment, and manage physician contract development, review, and approval in MediTract CLM. Stakeholders are automatically notified when providers are verified, and all contracts can be executed digitally.

Sourcing & Recalls:
We help you better organize capital sourcing projects, documents and quotes, recall management, and RFP creation. Our software allows you to directly connect your health system with various suppliers and to create and publish customizable RFP templates within a single, collaborative, online environment.

Get Ready to Transform Your Business.

Take advantage of these TractManager workflow capabilities:

  • Triggered notifications and escalations based upon business rules
  • Microsoft® Word support
  • In-app redlining
  • Confidential commenting and attachments
  • Drag-and-drop attachment and document management
  • Approved clause/language library for contracting
  • e-Signature capabilities
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)

Our software drives measurable results:

More Rapid Product Decisions

Our value analysis solution can reduce the time your organization spends evaluating new product requests by 50%.

Faster Contracting Processes

Our automated contract management workflow can reduce contract cycles by almost 75%.

Integrated Solutions that Drive Smarter Care.


Simplify provider contracting and onboarding — including credentialing, privileging, and enrollment processes — and learn more about our provider analytics.

Contract Lifecycle

Healthcare compliance experts designed our contract lifecycle management platform. Maybe that’s why we’re #1 in the industry.


Our end-to-end healthcare sourcing and supply chain solutions give you insights that reduce your spend and grow your margins.