The Best Decisions Consider All of the Evidence: The Strategic Role of Clinical Evidence in Value-Based Healthcare Capital Planning

The shift from fee-based to value-based medicine is placing new financial pressures on healthcare executives. Relying on traditional cost/benefit calculations when making capital purchases often falls short in achieving desired budget, revenue, and quality improvement goals.

That’s why many industry leaders are discovering the benefits of introducing clinical evidence into the capital planning process. Download this white paper, written by Winifred Hayes, Founder of Hayes Inc., and Bill Donato, General Manager of TractManager’s MD Buyline division. It’s the first in a series intended to help healthcare providers foster a more collaborative, informed, and strategic decision-making culture.

Winifred S. Hayes, Chief Executive Officer, Hayes

Winifred S. Hayes, founded Hayes, Inc., in 1989 and serves as its Chief Executive Officer.

Bill Donato, General Manager, MD Buyline

Healthcare veteran Bill Donato joined TractManager early in 2017.