Reserve a Giraffe

Reserve a Giraffe

Discover Why TractManager Stands Head and Shoulders Above the Crowd!

If Giraffes are to thrive, their habitats must be preserved. That’s why TractManager supports the World Wildlife Fund’s efforts to do just that.

Join the global cause to protect these endangered species,
at no cost to you, and reserve your Giraffe Adoption Kit today!

Complete the form below, and when you visit the HCCA Annual Compliance Institute on April 7-10, pick up your giraffe adoption kit* at booth #623.

In addition to ongoing customer appreciation giveaways, we’ll also be previewing our new, patented healthcare contract lifecycle management solution throughout the duration of the conference.


Here’s what your adoption kit includes:

  • A soft, plush version of your adopted animal
  • A 5″x7″ full-color photograph of the beautiful animal
  • A 5″x7″ formal adoption certificate
  • A Species Card that provides fascinating information
  • A gift bag

* A limited number of giraffes are available for adoption, so act quickly.

Giraffes are native to the open savannas and wooded grasslands of eastern and southern Africa, where acacia trees and shrubs are plentiful. Their long necks are an adaptation to facilitate feeding on foliage beyond the reach of other hoofed animals, which may explain their plentiful distribution. Like a fingerprint, the markings of a giraffe’s coat are unique to each individual. Habitat destruction continues to threaten their future.

Please complete the form to reserve your giraffe.