All Provider Contracts are Unique. Your Contracting Process Shouldn’t Be.

Increase your speed to care by standardizing your provider contracting processes.

Every provider contract incorporates different terms regarding compensation, bonuses, tuition reimbursements, and more. With highly regulated and manual provider management processes, getting a provider contract through review and approval is often cumbersome and time-consuming. Each delay prevents providers from caring for patients sooner, which means lost revenue for your health system and reduced patient satisfaction.

Provider Contracting




Provider Analytics

Understanding your provider contracts is essential to the provider management process.

Ongoing participation in a health plan depends on providers meeting and maintaining the terms of their contracts. TractManager helps healthcare organizations monitor provider contracts to be sure credentialing and other terms are met.

Understanding Provider Contract Nuances Is A Full-Time Job.

Partner with a CLM that truly understands the healthcare industry.

Developed for healthcare professionals by healthcare professionals, our software-enabled Provider Contracting solution:


  • Generates Greater Efficiency: A central provider contract repository and automated workflows standardize contracting processes throughout the contract lifecycle.
  • Increases Compliance: Automated capabilities track, monitor, and report on compliance-related headaches associated with provider time, nonmonetary compensation, and conflicts of interest.
  • Provides Better Insights: Gain complete visibility into your provider contracts, optimize downstream activities, and manage contracts or compliance issues.

Our solution improves decision-making and productivity, and uses analytics, insights, and our team’s years of industry expertise to reduce your compliance headaches and provide complete visibility into your provider contracts.

Provider Contract Management Doesn’t Have to Be Painful.

We automate your organization’s contracting processes and deliver smarter insights that lead to better care.

MediTract CLM powers our provider contracting solution. It is the only patented, healthcare-specific contract lifecycle management (CLM) technology designed to centralize, standardize, and optimize provider contracts. Together, our solutions provide more transparency and accelerate the provider onboarding process.
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Compliance Suite mitigates risks associated with highly regulated provider contracts by automating data gathering, activity monitoring, and compliance reporting. Using our Compliance Suite, you can track provider time, avoid conflicts of interest, and record gifts.
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Provider Analytics furnishes actionable insights on all your provider contracts housed within MediTract CLM. Provider Analytics identifies contract variability that causes compliance concerns and uncovers opportunities to standardize compensation across providers.
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Provider Onboarding Integration expedites provider contracting and onboarding by integrating MediTract CLM with CARE, our cloud-based credentialing, privileging, and enrollment software. With this integration, you’ll generate reimbursements for services even faster.
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Accelerating the Provider Contract Lifecycle

Our solutions deliver these results:

Streamlined Provider Contracting – 68% reduction in providers’ contracting cycles, and 11% expedited contract delivery time.

Faster Negotiations – 50% improved negotiation speed.

More Savings – 40% reduced contract administration costs.

Contract and Onboard Your Providers Together.

TractManager is one of only two CVOs in the nation that are NCQA Accredited in Credentialing. Our technology-enabled credentialing service shortens the credentialing timeframe from 180 to 30 days and reduces credentialing-related claim denials and edits.

TractManager’s Provider Privileging technology speeds up the process by providing easy access to real-time provider data stored in a single, central database. Provider Privileging enables quick Primary Source Verifications, Peer References, and decision-making regarding provider qualifications and performance.

As the nation’s premier provider of cloud-based enrollment software and services, TractManager helps clients take control of their revenue cycle. We reduce the time it takes to enroll providers with both government and commercial payers and help health systems identify potential financial risks.

To Delegate or Not to Delegate – That is the Credentialing Question

Realize improvements in the processes that govern the growth and representation of your network, shorten turnaround times for network participation, enhance provider experience and brand integrity, and expedite access to revenue.