Provider Privileging:
The Right Provider for the Right Patient.

Ensure your providers are credentialed and privileged to perform specific patient care services at your facility.

Your medical staff privileges define the scope of permitted activities that the provider may engage in while at a facility. A provider who is not properly privileged at your facility cannot see patients there.

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Provider Privileging – So Doctors and Nurses Can Do Their Jobs.

A number of provider types are qualified to render care services in a hospital setting. For example, if an OB/GYN needs to deliver a baby at a specific hospital, the provider will need to be privileged there. A provider who is not privileged at that hospital will not be able to perform the delivery.

Certain health plans also require that providers have care coverage in place. If providers do not have adequate coverage or admitting arrangements, they will not be enrolled with the health plan.

Change the Way You Grant Provider Privileges.

TractManager’s Provider Privileging technology speeds up the process by providing easy access to real-time provider data stored in a single, central database. Embedded with our workflow automation, Provider Privileging enables quick Primary Source Verifications (PSV), Peer References, and decision-making.

Expedite the privileging process. By digitizing application intake, automating Primary Source Verification, and enhancing the approval process, our CARE software streamlines and accelerates the process of granting privileges to providers.

Ensure accuracy and completeness. Our technology is embedded with workflows and triggers that quickly identify gaps and discrepancies in information. Our multiple integrations with primary sources ensure that the most accurate information is accessible to you.

Centralize credentialing and privileging functionality. Our technology centralizes credentialing and privileging functionalities across multiple facilities within a health system.

Enhance brand integrity. Process centralization and efficiency contribute to a positive and seamless privileging experience, ensuring provider satisfaction and appropriate care coverage.

TractManager’s Provider Privileging Features:

Workflow-Driven Software

  • Online applications with centralized core privileges and customized privileges per hospital
  • Automated provider data intake
  • Centralized document repository
  • Provider portal access
  • Customizable KPI reporting and benchmarks
  • Peer Reference automation
  • Automated notification of upcoming reappointment cycles

Primary Source Verifications

  • Software enabled full-scope credentialing for initial appointment and reappointment
  • Automated integration and “data pull” from PSV websites
  • System alerts and triggers

Ongoing and Performance Monitoring

  • Sanctions Evaluations
  • Adverse Actions
  • Monitoring of OPPE and FPPE, CMEs and CEUs
  • Audit Preparedness

 Peer Review Support

  • Workflow-triggered Review and Approval by stakeholders
  • Provider Notification

Contracting and Credentialing All-In-One

Increase speed to revenue by conducting provider contracting and provider onboarding functions of credentialing, privileging, and enrollment together.

Take Advantage of Our Full Suite of Provider Onboarding Solutions.

We’re not just privileging. Our Provider Credentialing and Provider Enrollment solutions close the loop in your Provider Onboarding process.

TractManager is one of only two CVOs in the nation that are NCQA Accredited in Credentialing. Our technology-enabled credentialing service shortens the credentialing timeframe from 180 to 30 days and reduces credentialing-related claim denials and edits.

As the nation’s premier provider of cloud-based enrollment software and services, TractManager helps clients take control of their revenue cycle. We reduce the time it takes to enroll providers with both government and commercial payers and help health systems identify potential financial risks.

TractManager understands that the initial provider onboarding processes—credentialing, enrollment, and privileging—are only the first steps in a fully operational, efficient, and compliant provider management program. Where other solutions stop, TractManager continues to provide ongoing Provider Management Services.

To Delegate or Not to Delegate – That is the Credentialing Question

Realize improvements in the processes that govern the growth and representation of your network, shorten turnaround times for network participation, enhance provider experience and brand integrity, and expedite access to revenue.