Faster Provider Enrollment Means Faster Reimbursement

If your providers aren’t enrolled properly, you won’t be paid properly.

Every month enrollment is delayed, physician practice groups and health systems lose an average of $100,000 for a single primary care provider. For specialty care, the losses are even more staggering at $300,000 per physician every month.

When technology-enabled enrollment processes replace cumbersome manual efforts, providers can see patients faster, get paid for patient care, and decrease the percentage of denied claims. This translates into increased revenues through faster reimbursements.

Enroll your Providers using automated, workflow-driven software that expedites both access to health plan members and revenue.

Manually enrolling a single provider in a health plan can take anywhere from 3 to 12 months.

During that time, patients could go elsewhere, along with the revenue associated with their care.

Our provider enrollment software and services make this scenario less likely by reducing the time it takes to enroll providers with payers. With one unified solution, we connect your credentialing and enrollment processes to streamline provider onboarding, save you time, and help you optimize your revenue cycle.

End-to-End Provider Enrollment —
Without the 12-Month Wait.

Government and Commercial Enrollment

We manage every facet of the enrollment process for commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, and managed care providers.

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Payer Charge Integration

Delayed enrollment and denials lead to lost revenue, which is why we have real-time quality measures in place to monitor provider enrollments.


We manage the administrative process for attestations for every provider in your health system.


From data entry and QA maintenance to par/non-par analyses, and payer application submissions and follow-up, we automate and manage your entire enrollment process.

Delegated and Non-Delegated Enrollment

We handle your delegated and non-delegated enrollment activities, including application mapping for all 50 states, automating the application process for specific payers and scheduled reports for better monitoring and tracking.

TIN/NPI Consolidative Services

With the rapid consolidation taking place in healthcare, TIN/NPI changes can be problematic. Because we keep track of these changes and ensure all the information is up to date, you experience fewer claim denials.

Recapture Lost Revenue. Recover Valuable Time.

Streamline and automate your entire enrollment processes.

Reduce enrollment from 60–90 days to 30–45 days through a delegated contract.

Get paid for the care you provide in a timely manner.

We’re Not Just Enrollment. Our Provider Credentialing Solution Closes the Loop in Your Provider Onboarding Process. 


Our cloud-based, technology-enabled credentialing software and services offer comprehensive primary source verification, peer review, and compliance tracking and monitoring.

Need to develop a custom payer delegation strategy? We’ve got you covered there too.

Our Solutions Automate and Streamline Your Provider Management Processes.

Learn how our integrated MediTract CLM, Provider Onboarding, and Provider Analytics capabilities deliver measurable results to your healthcare organization.