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Getting you to revenue faster.

TractManager’s Provider Onboarding solution bundles our cloud-based credentialing software with industry-leading credentialing services.

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Outsource your credentialing to a CVO that is NCQA Accredited in Credentialing.

TractManager’s CVO is full-scope, turn-key provider credentialing solution.

Transform your stalled and resource-consuming credentialing process into a streamlined and highly productive operation with TractManager’s Credentialing solution.

NCQA Accredited in Credentialing

TractManager is one of only two CVOs that is NCQA Accredited in Credentialing.

The combined power of our automated processes and industry-leading credentialing helps your health system:

  • Streamline and automate critical business processes.
  • Create cost-saving operational efficiencies.
  • Recover revenue lost to delays in provider onboarding.
  • Significantly reduce credentialing-related claims issues (edits, denials, etc.).
  • Improve the physician experience and quality of care.

What is a Credentials Verification Organization (CVO)?

Credentialing is the process that ensures providers are appropriately trained and qualified to provide care to patients.

It is an integral part of any healthcare organization’s operations and is highly regulated at the state, federal, and payer levels. In addition, credentialing programs must comply with accrediting body standards.

As health systems continue to grow and consolidate, the demand for a turnkey solution to credentialing that guarantees quick turnaround times, quality oversight, and compliance within an ever-changing regulatory environment is higher than ever. This is where TractManager steps in—and not just as a vendor, but as a full-scope CVO partner.

Best in Class, Technology-Enabled Credentialing Services

Backed by our industry-leading, cloud-based provider credentialing technology, CARE, healthcare organizations can be assured that their credentialing, ongoing monitoring, and provider data management functions will be handled in a timely and compliant manner. Appreciating the diversity in the market, TractManager has developed a portfolio of services that can be provided on an individual component basis or as a full-scope credentialing service.

TractManager’s credentialing program implements workflows grounded in best practices and informed by powerful analytics. Our goal is to streamline operations and accelerate the entire credentialing lifecycle.

How it Works

Our team of credentialing specialists uses multidirectional data exchange to eliminate redundant manual data entry and automate data transfer between various sources. Upon receipt of a credentialing application, our team:

Evaluates the application to ensure completeness and conducts outreach as needed to gather outstanding information.

Initiates Primary Source Verification procedures.

Evaluates findings against client-specific thresholds.

Categorizes files as “clean” versus “case.”

Prepares a complete credentialing file that includes credentialing checklists, original applications, and supporting documentation.

Prepares a full set of verifications on all elements to pass any audit—stamped and dated in compliance with credentialing standards.

Schedules and hosts credentialing Peer Review Committee meetings.

Generates provider notification letters.

We’re dedicated to meeting your specific requirements.

At the beginning of each engagement, TractManager works directly with each client’s key stakeholder.

We map out the most effective and efficient process for addressing both their immediate and long-term objectives. From customizing forms to building client-specific reports, TractManager’s experts lead the development and implementation of the service model that is best suited for each unique client.

To Delegate or Not to Delegate – That is the Credentialing Question

Realize improvements in the processes that govern the growth and representation of your network, shorten turnaround times for network participation, enhance provider experience and brand integrity, and expedite access to revenue.