Provider Medical Credentialing Doesn’t Have to Hurt.

Support Your Provider Credentialing Process With Efficiency and Automation.

Incomplete or inaccurate information regarding a physician’s work history, professional certifications, malpractice insurance, or other required details can lead to extensive delays and lost revenue.

TractManager’s credentialing solution, which has received NCQA Accreditation in Credentialing, plugs the leaks in your revenue cycle by reducing your administrative hassles and claims denials.

Provider Contracting




Provider Analytics

What is a CVO?

As health systems continue to grow and consolidate, the demand for a turnkey solution to credentialing that guarantees quick turnaround times, quality oversight, and compliance within an ever-changing regulatory environment is higher than ever. This is where TractManager steps in—and not just as a vendor, but as a full-scope CVO partner.

TractManager is one of only two CVOs that is NCQA Accredited in Credentialing. Our CVO delivers expert consultation, full-scope credentialing services, and compliance solutions for an efficient, thorough credentialing program that will meet state, federal, accrediting, and payer delegation standards.​

Delegated credentialing significantly improves an organization’s efficiency, provider experience, and revenue cycle management. Our credentialing program provides a comprehensive suite of services, and our technology is backed by a team of credentialing experts.​

Credentialing delays mean dollars lost.

Every day a provider or nurse practitioner is unable to see patients equals lost revenue for your health system.

On average, it could take up to 6 months to manually credential a new provider, and that can lead to revenue loss and unhappy providers. If your current credentialing process is manual, error-prone, and vulnerable to risks, you need a solution that can speed up the process without compromising accuracy or compliance. We’re one of two solutions to receive NCQA Accreditation in Credentialing. Our comprehensive Provider Management solution serves over 48,000 providers across the country.

Our end-to-end credentialing solution begins with provider onboarding and continues through to contract lifecycle and compliance management.

Thousands of Healthcare Organizations Rely On Our Physician Credentialing Solutions.

Where other CVOs stop — we keep going! From credentialing and recredentialing, peer review support, and expirables management through dynamic data validation and consulting, our suite of Provider Management Credentialing solutions addresses every component of the provider credentialing process.

Source Verification

We provide comprehensive Primary Source Verification (PSV) services as part of the credentialing process, including ongoing performance monitoring for federal, state, and local requirements.

Management Services

Through expirables management and dynamic data validation, we ensure that your network is accurately reflected in payer directories guaranteeing member access and revenue.

Compliance Monitoring Services

Our solution monitors federal, state and local accrediting bodies to ensure providers are licensed, accredited, and in good standing.

Delegation Strategy

We work with you to craft a custom delegation strategy, helping you accelerate the credentialing process and maintain more control over your revenue cycle.


We take the lead on ensuring that your credentialing program committee executes its duties. From annual review and approval to case files review and approval, we ensure that you stay in compliance with all delegation requirements.

Case Study: Midwestern Healthcare Provider

Due to a lack of interoperability between functional areas, regulatory expertise, and scalability, this Midwestern healthcare provider was facing frustrated providers, inadequate network coverage, compromised member access, and revenue leakage.


Needed a trusted partner to support its network growth and enhance its revenue cycle management.


TractManager provided expert consulting and implemented credentialing, enrollment, and re-enrollment services.

The Result:


Previous Vendor

Previous Vendor



Average number of days elapsed between a provider start date and first bill

Previous Vendor

40.6 days


14.6 days

Range in days elapsed

Previous Vendor

4-174 days


0-38 days

Percentage of providers for whom it took more than 30 days to be enrolled

Previous Vendor




Percentage of providers for whom it took more than 45 days to be enrolled

Previous Vendor




Percentage of providers for whom there was no lag time between the start date and billing

Previous Vendor




Benefits of TractManager’s Credentialing Solution:

A Streamlined Process

We work harder and smarter and cut the standard credentialing process time from 180 to 30 days! We also increase completeness and accuracy, and reduce administrative costs in the same timeframe.

Stay in Compliance

You don’t cut corners and neither do we. We ensure credentialing files comply with accrediting body, state and federal regulations to reduce your legal and financial risks. 

Get Paid for the Care You Provide

Data integrity is at the heart of what we do; patient care is the heart and soul of what you do. We reduce credentialing-related claims denials so you can stay focused on the people who matter most.

Contracting and Credentialing All-In-One

Increase speed to revenue by conducting provider contracting and provider onboarding functions of credentialing, privileging, and enrollment together.

Take Advantage of Our Full Suite of Provider Onboarding Solutions.

We’re not just credentialing. Our Provider Enrollment and Provider Privileging solutions close the loop in your Provider Onboarding process.

We ensure timely enrollment through our automated, workflow-driven software that expedites both access to health plan members and revenue. From data entry and QA maintenance to par/non-par analyses, application submissions and follow-ups with payers, we automate and manage every part of the enrollment process.

TractManager’s Provider Privileging technology speeds up the process by providing easy access to real-time provider data stored in a single, central database. Provider Privileging enables quick Primary Source Verifications, Peer References, and decision-making regarding provider qualifications and performance.

TractManager understands that the initial provider onboarding processes—credentialing, enrollment, and privileging—are only the first steps in a fully operational, efficient, and compliant provider management program. Where other solutions stop, TractManager continues to provide ongoing Provider Management Services.

To Delegate or Not to Delegate – That is the Credentialing Question

Realize improvements in the processes that govern the growth and representation of your network, shorten turnaround times for network participation, enhance provider experience and brand integrity, and expedite access to revenue.