Streamlined Healthcare Provider Management Brings Providers and Patients Together—Faster.

But you can’t improve your speed-to-revenue with a paper-based process.

Our Provider Management solution automates your contracting, credentialing, and enrollment processes, while supporting regulatory compliance for each of your providers.

Provider Contracting




Provider Analytics

Provider Credentialing

TractManager is one of only two organizations NCQA Accredited in Credentialing.

Credentialing—a highly regulated process that ensures providers are qualified to deliver medical services to patients—is an essential part of any healthcare organization’s operations. Our technology-enabled Provider Credentialing software and services shorten the credentialing timeframe from 180 days to 30 days, and it reduces credentialing-related claim denials and edits.

Provider Privileging

Put the right providers in front of the right patients.

TractManager’s Provider Privileging technology speeds up the process by providing easy access to real-time provider data stored in a single, central database. Embedded with workflow automation, Provider Privileging enables quick Primary Source Verifications, Peer References, and decision-making.

Provider Enrollment

If your providers aren’t enrolled properly, you won’t be paid properly.

As the nation’s premier provider of cloud-based Provider Enrollment software and services, TractManager helps clients take control of their revenue cycle. We reduce the time it takes to enroll providers with both government and commercial payers and help health systems identify potential financial risks.

Our Provider Management Solution Aligns Five Core Building Blocks for Revenue Optimization.



MediTract CLM is the gold standard for provider-specific, contract lifecycle management for the healthcare industry.​


Our comprehensive Credentials Verification Organizations (CVOs) is one of 2 cloud-based programs to receive NCQA Accreditation in Credentialing.


Ensure your providers are vetted and qualified to perform specific patient care services at your facility.


When technology-enabled enrollment processes replace cumbersome manual efforts, providers can see patients faster and decrease the percentage of denied claims.


We deliver provider data tracking with customized reporting and advanced AI-powered analytics across your system or practice to manage costs and ensure compliance.

Cooper University Health Care

A Case Study.

Like most rapidly growing healthcare systems, Cooper University Health Care (Cooper) struggled with provider enrollment. Due to aggressive provider onboarding and system-wide growth, staff were overwhelmed with the high volume of new providers who were coming on board.


Lost revenue due to lack of centralization and effective credentialing software.


Cloud-based reporting software and IT-enabled credentialing services to improve revenue and accountability.

The Result:

Cooper University Health Care receives a 400% ROI by implementing cloud-based analytics and IT-enabled credentialing services.

We Take the Word “Partner” Seriously.
So Do Our Clients.

Our success is based on the results we achieve for our clients. Those results are driven by the expertise of our people, and the efficiency and compliance safeguards of our contracting and credentialing technology.

For CFOs struggling with high outstanding accounts receivables and administrative claim denials, we can help capture an additional $300k in revenue that likely would have been written off every time a new provider is enrolled.

Supported by our Provider Onboarding, organizations have been able to collect an average of $1.5M by addressing credentialing-related denials.

Reduce Delays and Denials — with a Smile.

Reducing Errors and Billing Cycles

We helped a health system collect an additional $1.5M and reduced credentialing-related denials by 90% in less than two years.

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Compliant and Audit- Ready


We ensure credentialing files comply with accrediting body, state and federal regulations, giving you peace of mind when auditors come calling.

Capitalize on Our Industry-leading Contract Lifecycle Management and Provider Management Solutions.

Our provider management solutions and services accelerate contracting, onboarding and ongoing management processes. We do all this while mitigating risk with compliance safeguards that protect your revenue streams.

Integrated Story

Increase speed to revenue by conducting provider contracting and provider onboarding functions of credentialing, privileging, and enrollment together.

To Delegate or Not to Delegate – That is the Credentialing Question

Realize improvements in the processes that govern the growth and representation of your network, shorten turnaround times for network participation, enhance provider experience and brand integrity, and expedite access to revenue.