What’s Your Training Strategy?

Employee training can dictate the success of your technology purchase.

The average employee spends two hours a day searching for information to do his or her job. That kind of inefficiency is costly to any organization, but in healthcare it can impact care delivery and patient outcomes. If your health system has a diverse, distributed workforce, developing an effective training program can be daunting. Let TractManager handle it on your behalf. With our user-centered approach, you’ll increase adoption and productivity, and realize more value from your technology investment.

A Learner-Centered Experience That’s Never

We ensure every user is an active participant in his or her curriculum.

Our training professionals and instructional designers work with you to fill the gaps in your existing curriculum, and can develop custom training that meets the needs of every employee. When delivered via our comprehensive online learning management system, your organization has access to the training necessary to achieve even better results from TractManager solutions.

Training Tailored to Your Needs.

Learning Technologies: Our digital learning tools allow us to easily scale and customize our programs to your organization’s needs. Our learning portal is mobile-friendly and available on-demand, with live or virtual instructors, blended learning modules, and social learning opportunities via online forums

Design: We design and build our training curriculums based on established industry best practices. Our programs include discussions, demos, labs, and a comprehensive review to ensure employees retain what they learn and demonstrate proficiency in key focus areas.

Training Development: Our experienced training team supports your organization as you onboard new members, or as employees transition into new roles. We validate knowledge transfer, and invest in advancing your employees’ confidence and competence.

The Key to Building a High-Performing Organization? Hint: It’s Training.


84% of employees in high-performing organizations receive the training they need compared to only 16% of employees in underperforming organizations.


Teams that received 40 hours of training per member before a project met their objectives three times as often as teams that received 30 hours of training or less.

Happier Employees,
Happier Customers

Companies that rely on learning technology see a 6% increase in customer satisfaction.

An Integrated Solution Supported By Dedicated Experts.


We combine clinical evidence, technology, people, and processes to meet all of your healthcare sourcing needs, from spend management and value management to capital planning.

Contract Lifecycle

Need to renegotiate an expiring contract or create a new one? We support the workflows and terms to help you get your contracts right. Our solution is designed by healthcare contracting experts and is #1 in the industry.


Provider credentialing and enrollment doesn’t have to take several months. Our solutions and services reduce your compliance risks and the financial impact of credential and enrollment-related denials.