TractManager’s Experts Invest in Your Success.

Running a health care system involves more than just technology.

Preparation and process improvement are crucial to delivering healthcare that makes a difference. But your investment in a contract lifecycle management or provider management solution is only half the battle. You need a partner who can help you make the most of that investment. Our technology-enabled services and deep bench of experienced healthcare experts ensure that investment goes further.

Let Our People Be Your Greatest Asset.

Our experts are MDs, PhDs, RNs, MBAs, and JDs with decades of hands-on sourcing, contracting, clinical, and financial knowledge in the healthcare industry. Their knowledge comes from real-world experience.

Our professional services advisors help you make smarter decisions that lead to better care.

Our goal is to collaborate with you to achieve truly great things. We can help you assemble and analyze comparative product pricing and clinical data, or identify process bottlenecks in order to re-engineer internal workflows.

We Put The “Service” In Professional Services.

Our professional services team doesn’t stop working just because your solution has been installed. We continue to help you navigate difficult spend management, contracting, and provider management challenges, serving as your on-demand consultative advisor.

Take full advantage of your strategic sourcing, contract lifecycle management, and provider management solution. Our clinical analysts help you blueprint and fine-tune processes, streamline operations, evaluate medical technologies, and improve contract compliance.

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We manage and oversee high-profile technology implementations every day. Our professional services staff works with you to map stakeholder and business requirements, ensuring your team is ready to get working on time—and without disruptions.

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Staff Augmentation
Our dedicated IT, sourcing, and planning experts deliver a turnkey approach to capital planning, med-surg, and other sourcing projects. They help you lower facilities design, management, and new-build equipment acquisition costs, uncovering savings your organization can reinvest into delivering better care.

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Training and Adoption
Every employee learns differently. That’s why we develop training that puts learners at the center of the learning experience. By actively involving your users, our approach ensures they retain what they learn, adopt your solution faster, and  demonstrate measurable proficiency in key concepts.

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Measure It to Manage It: Beginning the Journey to Hospital Financial Wellness

The financial health of your healthcare organization needs to be your top priority. Analyze clinical, financial, and operational data to uncover opportunities to improve your processes, systems, and bottom line.

An Integrated Solution Supported By Dedicated Experts.


We combine clinical evidence, technology, people, and processes to meet all of your healthcare sourcing needs, from spend management and value management to capital planning.

Contract Lifecycle

Need to renegotiate an expiring contract or create a new one? We support the workflows and terms to help you get your contracts right. Our solution is designed by healthcare contracting experts and is #1 in the industry.


Provider credentialing and enrollment doesn’t have to take several months. Our solutions and services reduce your compliance risks and the financial impact of credential and enrollment-related denials.