TractManager’s Spend Management Solution Just Got Smarter

Several new enhancements to our Spend Management solution simplify the tracking of spend data. These improvements make it simple to review your in-process and completed projects, as well as examine annual spend.


    • 1. Project Tab. This project dashboard gives you a snapshot of your organization’s in-process and completed projects, including savings opportunities and realized savings.
    • 2. Project Detail. This tab displays details at a project level, including supplier documents submitted to the TractManager team for analysis, as well as contract analysis summaries and other deliverables. The project detail tab makes it easy to review your entire team’s documents.
    • 3. Executive Summary. The executive dashboard provides a summary view of your most recent 12 months of spend data for a specific category, along with a comparison of your spend to national averages. The dashboard also includes a snapshot of your project activity and identified savings. By providing a central repository for your spend data, this tool facilitates the tracking of progress toward annual savings goal—making it simple to share a visual record of that progress with your leadership team.
    • 4. We’ve also added a new link for Expert RFP on the search page, so accessing RFPs directly is now a snap.

    To learn more about how TractManager’s Spend Management solution empowers your purchasing team with smarter insights, visit today.

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