TractManager Announces New Solution Suite — Reduces the Friction in Provider Onboarding

Accelerates Credentialing, Privileging, and Enrollment Processes, Placing Providers with Patients Faster
July 14, 2020

DALLAS–()–TractManager today announced the launch of a new Provider Onboarding suite that streamlines credentialing, privileging, and enrolling of providers. The solution suite improves engagement, maximizes staff productivity, and minimizes delays in reimbursement by digitizing redundant, error-prone, and manual processes.

TractManager is one of only two organizations accredited in credentialing by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and is the first Credentialing Verification Organization (CVO) with an integrated Contract Lifecycle Management solution to receive accreditation.

“NCQA accreditation means we’re held to the same standards as payers when it comes to credentialing,” explains Patrick Flynn, Chief Product Officer, “and we are able to address challenges and accelerate workflows across provider and payer markets.”

Credentialed providers are qualified to deliver medical services to patients. TractManager’s technology-enabled Provider Credentialing software and services can decrease the credentialing timeframe from 180 days to 30 days, while reducing the administrative burden on already stressed organizations.

Once providers are credentialed, privileging ensures that the right providers see the right patients. TractManager’s Provider Privileging solution uses workflow automation to deliver rapid primary source verifications, peer references, and centralized decision-making on a single platform. “Our flexible technology streamlines and consolidates all privileging components,” notes Flynn.

If providers aren’t enrolled properly, the hospital or health system that employs them won’t be paid properly. TractManager reduces the time it takes to enroll providers with both government and commercial payers. This results in better control of the revenue cycle, which is essential in an environment of razor-thin operating margins.

Wrapped around the credentialing, privileging, and enrollment capabilities is TractManager’s Provider Analytics. This component identifies key terms and conditions in contracts so healthcare organizations can better manage their provider relationships and physician compensation; understand their total responsibility during a merger or acquisition; and ensure compliance with regulations from accrediting organizations and state and federal agencies. With this degree of data transparency, organizations can readily evaluate and monitor provider performance.

The Provider Onboarding suite can be customized with software and/or services to meet the needs of provider organizations. TractManager’s Professional Services experts help hospitals make the most of their investments with initial implementation as well as ongoing support.

To learn how Accelerated Provider Onboarding can bring providers and patients together quickly and easily, register for this special webinar on July 15.

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