Healthcare systems should examine relationships with suppliers to position themselves for success in a post-pandemic world

In a Healthcare Purchasing News article published Feb. 17, 2021, TractManager’s Barry Dyer talked about the precautions supply chain personnel should take in dealing with their suppliers, especially in view of pandemic-induced financial pressures.

“The pandemic offers a unique opportunity for healthcare organizations to reimagine aspects of their business and position themselves for success in a post-pandemic world,” Dyer said. “Restructuring vendor relationships is one important opportunity that can result in healthier relationships and, more importantly, stronger bottom lines.”

As important as costs are, organizations need to consider which vendors have been good partners during the crisis and which took advantage of the situation. “COVID-19 provides a giant ‘reset’ button for vendor relationships,” Dyer said.

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Validate and Verify: How to Establish Healthier Vendor Relationships During and After the Pandemic

Vendor relationships need to be healthy, professional, and transparent to ensure you’re getting the best pricing and contract terms. Discover ways to enhance your relationships.

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