DotMed Healthcare Business News Features Tom Watson’s Article on Servicing Imaging Technology

In an article titled “Servicing imaging technology in 2020 and beyond,” published in the Nov.–Dec. 2020 issue of DotMed Healthcare Business News, TractManager Clinical Expert Tom Watson talks about the changes in service agreements offered by manufacturers of imaging equipment used in CT, MRI, mammography, and other types of imaging procedures.

Traditionally, service agreements between providers and vendors were not tailored to the clients’ needs. There were basic, routine, and extended-level agreements, with little to no customization.

Now, Watson says, service offerings are much more customized and consist of four to six different levels of support with optional coverages depending on the client’s needs.

“Historically, service contract consideration and decisions were disparate and siloed, with little or no coordination to ensure oversight and management with a strategic focus,” says Watson. “The result has been in-the-moment decisions with very little long-term or enterprise-wide implications.”

A full, detailed analysis of service proposals is essential to ensure that coverage is appropriate in terms of level of support as well as price, he advises.

“When reviewed with an organized, strategic approach to the process, healthcare organizations can realize substantial benefits in terms of the right coverage, with the right options, at the right price,” Watson says. “The result can be significant savings in an area that is, at best, challenging to manage and maintain.”

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