Mark S. Kestner

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Mark Kestner, Chief Medical Officer with TractManager, is a surgeon with deep leadership experience in military, university, integrated delivery, and especially community-based healthcare systems. For the last five years he has consulted with healthcare organizations in the areas of reimbursement, quality of care, resource utilization, and case management. At the same time, he has served as Chief Medical Innovation Officer with Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno, Calif., an academic teaching center for the University of California San Francisco.

Mary Beth Riley

Manager of Education Services at MediTract

Mary Beth Smith is Manager of Education Services at MediTract, providing guidance, education, product knowledge, and training to the entire MediTract organization.

Maura Connor

Chief Operating Officer

Maura Connor joined Hayes in August 2014 as Vice President/Editor-in-Chief and was named Chief Operating Officer soon thereafter.

Michael Hardin

Customer Experience Manager

Michael Hardin joined MD Buyline in January 2017 as Senior Manager of Customer Experience & Training.

Mitali Maheshwari

Healthcare IT Analyst

Mitali Maheshwari joined MD Buyline in 2016 with a background in healthcare information technology.

Neff Conner


Neff Conner joined MD Buyline in 2006 with experience in retail, customer service, and office administration.

Patrick Flynn

Chief Technology Officer

Patrick Flynn became Chief Technology Officer for TractManager in 2017 after more than 20 years of executive experience with global technology organizations.