Kathey Leibold

Clinical Analyst

Kathey Leibold joined MD Buyline in 2002 with over 24 years’ experience in respiratory care for the neonatal, pediatric, cardiac, and neurocritical care units.

Kelsey McAuliffe

Manager, Implementation Services

Kelsey McAuliffe joined MediTract as an Implementation Advisor in March 2016.

Kevin Hodges

Director of Operations

Kevin Hodges joined MD Buyline in 1996 with more than 10 years of financial experience in the banking industry.

Kristin Stitt

Value Analysis Consulting Manager

Kristin Stitt is an experienced healthcare professional with more than 25 years in practice. She is an Adult Nurse Practitioner, with specialty training in Cardiovascular Wellness and Prevention, and her experience has included direct patient care as a nurse and advanced practice nurse in critical care, hospice, trauma, and cardiology.

Kyler Ritchie

Purchased Services Team Lead

Kyler Ritchie joined MD Buyline as a purchased services analyst in 2016.

Lisa Woodward

Client Solutions Advisor

As a Client Solutions Advisor, Lisa Woodward takes advantage of her experience in healthcare contract management and her passion for process improvement through innovation and technology.