Cris Bennett

Senior Capital Analyst

Cris Bennett joined EMTS as a Senior Capital Analyst in January 2019 after transitioning from MD Buyline, where he worked as a clinical analyst for three and a half years. Before joining MD Buyline, Cris had more than 19 years’ experience in medical imaging.

David Zieve

Medical Director at Hayes

As Medical Director at Hayes, Dr. Zieve works closely with the Evidence Solutions analysts and provides clinical oversight for a variety of client solutions, including collaborations with Hayes’ key clients.

Dee Donatelli

Value Analysis Consulting Director

Dee Donatelli joined TractManager in 2018 as the director of Value Analysis Consulting. She is chair-elect of the 2019 board of the Association for Healthcare Resource and Materials Management (AHRMM) and the former president of the Association of Healthcare Value Analysis Professionals (AHVAP), where she helped facilitate the creation of Value Analysis Certification. In October 2015, Dee was inducted into the Bellwether League and currently serves on the League’s board of directors

Dennis Matricardi

Clinical Analyst

Dennis Matricardi joined MD Buyline in 2000 with more than 30 years of hospital-based laboratory experience.

Diana Trinh

Clinical Analyst

Diana Trinh joined MD Buyline in April 2017 as a clinical analyst specializing in laboratory and pharmacy.

Diane Korbel

Client Solutions Advisor

Diane Korbel brings ten years of System Administration experience as a MediTract client to her role in supporting all other MediTract clients and advising best practices.

Eric Ingram

Chief Financial Officer

Eric Ingram joined TractManager in April 2014 as the corporate Chief Financial Officer.

Eric Slimp

Purchased Services Director

Eric Slimp joined MD Buyline in 2013, left in October 2017, and rejoined the company in June 2018.

Graham Barnes

Graham Barnes has nearly 30 years of C-level experience leading and transforming organizations in the healthcare technology and communications industries, including more than 10 years as CEO of healthcare information companies. His specialties include product and strategy development, and solution implementation.