TractManager Expert:
Noel Smart

Noel Smart joined TractManager in 2019 as a part of their Young Professionals Development program. She’s spent this time in an account management role where she works closely with clients in supply chain. Her clients are all over the country and she has not only helped them realize the power of their subscription but has also played a part in helping them develop cost-saving strategies.

She received a degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of North Texas. Before joining TractManager, Noel worked in non-profit as an AmeriCorps VISTA who used her passion for storytelling in a marketing and communication capacity. Her AmeriCorp service came after her time as a multimedia journalist in broadcast news.

The coastal Georgia native currently lives in Dallas. Although Noel misses living by the beach, she loves living in the best metro in the Lone Star State.

Noel Smart

Client Services Specialist, TractManager

Top 10 Negotiating Strategies

Skilled negotiators are like musical virtuosos. They have an extensive repertoire of tactics from which to draw, and they know when and how to make them a part of their performance. But negotiating healthcare contracts for capital, purchased services, and IT services can test the artistry of even the most masterful negotiator.