TractManager Expert:
Mark O’Connor

Mark O’Connor is a seasoned healthcare executive with more than a decade of leadership experience in healthcare finance, technological innovation, organizational design, and strategic planning. Mark’s professional experiences have led him to work domestically with preeminent academic institutions as well as globally with intergovernmental organizations and high-profile non-profits.

Mark is a two-time graduate of the University of Michigan, a Duke Fellow, Fulbright Fellow, and holds a number of credentials in LEAN, Six-Sigma, Product Management, and others. When not working, Mark lives in San Francisco with his wife, Jessica. Together they can usually be found on the beach or in the mountains, cooking, and tasting the newest micro-brews and wines.

Mark O’Connor, MHSA, MPP

SVP Product Strategy & Growth

Top 10 Negotiating Strategies

Skilled negotiators are like musical virtuosos. They have an extensive repertoire of tactics from which to draw, and they know when and how to make them a part of their performance. But negotiating healthcare contracts for capital, purchased services, and IT services can test the artistry of even the most masterful negotiator.